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If you would like to help me organize a training day in your area please contact me

Teaching People

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There is more to life than being buried in the back-blocks training dogs – NZ is a great wee country, with beautiful places to see & lots of very nice people that we never get to meet.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

I ran a Dog Training Day in the Manawatu for Women in Farming. It was fabulous, over 30 people attended. I felt like a rock star – center stage & loving it!!!! And, due to the rave reviews, I held two more in the Wairarapa, & another 34 keen souls turned up. At the end of each day I gave everyone a questioner to fill in, anonymous of course, as I wanted their feedback – honest - good or bad. Well apart from the cold getting thrashed, it was all good – so much so that I decided to do a '2010 tour’, along with my entourage - a couple of dogs & a handful of quiet Romney’s - all of who also love the spotlight.


About the days – we start at 9 am sharp & as every word is vital it is essential to be there on time. I will go through all the steps that I use to train both Huntaway’s & Heading dogs, using untrained dogs & others that are well on the way to being ready to go to work. I encourage questions.

Unlimited tea & coffee are supplied but you bring your own lunch.

The days are under covered yards so they go ahead regardless of weather but it is still advisable to bring lots of WARM clothing. I don’t get cold but you will as you are standing still – take heed from others & have warm hats gloves & jackets, EVEN IN SUMMER. We will finish about 4 pm.

I know how exhausting it is taking in all the information & at the end of the day your mind will draw a blank - for this specific reason I have written a comprehensive booklet to compliment the day – reminding you of all the steps that you have seen.

It is only available to people who come to the days – often it will say ‘remember when ………’ so it is of little use to other people, but invaluable to those who come.

DO NOT BRING ANY DOGS - although I may ask someone who has an untrained dog to bring it so I may use it for demonstrating, but apart from that, there isn’t time for people to play around with their dogs. There is a lot to learn & you are better to absorb it all & then go home & teach your dog in your own time, at his pace & in his own environment.

So, if you are interested in training Huntaway’s & Heading dogs I guarantee you will enjoy the day, & you will go away inspired, glad you made the investment.

What will you learn?
$100 per person - includes booklet

I am always impressed when people invest in their shepherds - paying for the tuition & allowing them to attend on a work day. Brilliant – I hope other farmers & managers have the same insight as it is a win win situation.

Better dogs + improved stock handling + efficiency = PROFIT

Remember …… a young dog will only be as good as his capabilities, your knowledge & the time you put into it.