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PHOTOGRAPHY Virtually all the photographs on this site were taken by ‘yours truly’. Over the years I progressed from my little square ‘box brownie’ to a more modern model, then my brother’s old SLR Minolta, & now, 2 digital cameras – yet to be fully mastered.

A budding photographer since childhood I specialized in capturing the many moods of any horse or dog that stood long enough to be captured on film. In 1998 I passed my Certificate in Commercial photography at Ucol & was lucky enough to be awarded a scholarship towards the Diploma. I would have loved to have studied photography to the next level but it was more important to leave a horrendous marriage – sadly, I couldn’t afford the luxury of being a student.

I love taking portraits - people & animals - if I am in your vicinity & you would like some special images taken, then please, contact me.

ART I fell in-love with horses at an early age & would spend hours & hours drawing them, enjoying getting lost in the creation. I now have a desire to try my hand at putting working dogs on canvas & paper & if successful, I will offer them here, for sale.

At the moment I am working on some photographic images I have taken of dogs. Using my computer I am able to create an artistic impression that I am hoping will look fabulous framed & prove popular with other working dog enthusiasts.

Keep watching this space.

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