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NOTHING AVAILABLE ANYMORE Over the decades I used to breed a couple of litters a year but gave up due to being disgusted at the lack of care of many farm dogs, however in the last few years I have had the joy of breeding the odd litter again - I had temporarily forgotten the plight of many farm dogs. It has all come back to me & I will be very surprised if I ever breed a litter again; it will only be because I want to retain a particular bloodline.

Please do not contact me if you are looking for pups, young dogs or trained dogs - I don't have any. I am not a dealer & I don't know of anything that is available. If I ever do I will put it here, if not, don't ring or email hoping I can help - I can't .... sorry.

I would recommend advertising in the Farmers Weekly 0800 85 25 80 - Classifieds - Dogs For Sale column (not Dogs Wanted as it will only be your ad & it will get lost on the page) Everyone interested in working dogs reads the Dogs for Sale column, just out of interest, so they will see your ad & if they have something suitable they will contact you. Below is an example ...

WANTED young Huntaway under good command for hill country sheep & beef Phone Joe Blogg (06) 100 2000